Privacy Policy


The only data required in members account profiles is email address, username and password. All other form fields are optional, can be edited/deleted by members at anytime and will not be used for marketing purposes. We plan to have these extra fields removed in a website update.


The general email mailing list consent is for us to send a once a month brief email newsletter. The list is held in our MailChimp account and is not shared with any other organisations. The only data within this list is an email address.


All members can access their account profile and change any data they have provided whenever they want to. For sign-up purposes all we require is a username and a password (password not displayed to admin.) but users can add additional information eg. address


Members whose membership subscription has expired still have access to their account profile but cannot view the location directory. Expired accounts will be deleted after 12 months.


Subscription payments are processed via PayPal who email us when a payment is made but do not provide us with details of how the payment was processed eg. debit card number


The PayPal email may contain name and address but we do not use this data, emails are usually deleted within 48hrs – they are held for this amount of time to resolve new member issues such as having trouble logging-in to the website using a different email address to their PayPal one and us being able to see if their PayPal payment has cleared.